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Dr. Shimon Azrad Lawyer's office operates innovatively, is updated on line with the conducting of the Courts, the laws, etc., and often attends continuing education to stay abreast of new legal proceedings.

The firm was founded by attorney Dr. Shimon Azrad in 2006 and this after filling senior positions for many years in the field of Economy, Trade and Industry, and out of the belief and recognition that the knowledge and experience that Dr. Shimon Azrad acquired over the years, can be realized by helping people in financial difficulties , those who encountered difficulties voluntarily and/or involuntarily, and/or provide appropriate and in-depth solutions to the problems of the clients that turn to Dr. Shimon Azrad and provide professional and comprehensive response to the relevant legal issues addressed to him.

Dr. Shimon Azrad by Education

Holds an LLB degree in Law,

Holds an LLM degree in Law

Holds a Doctoral degree DOCTOR [PH.D] OF LAW

A Mediator on behalf of the Court

Areas of Practice

Our firm deals with four major areas:

Family Law - and Matrimonial Law - divorce, alimony and child support, child custody, property division, prenuptial and financial agreements, cohabitation agreements, wills, inheritance, estates.

Civil and Commercial Law - contracts, corporations, execution, financial claims, litigation, statement of defense and more.

Labor Law – submission of claims and various requests before the Labor Court, representation of employees and employers, representing employees in the procedure of company liquidation, severance pay, sick pay, convalescence pay, leaves, pension funds, withholding of wages, work accidents and more.

Authorities - citizen claims against the Authority

Dr. Shimon Azrad has many successes to his credit in representing many cases in courts, this allows him to accompany his clients with dedication and professionalism, and to formulate for the client the perfect strategy and help the client plan his steps wisely during the proceedings.

חברת עורכי דין שמעון אזרד

Our Location

Central Branch
4  Mivza Yiftah
Petah Tikva
Tel. 03-9040866

South Branch
39 Kakal St.
Beer Sheva
Tel. 08-6239125