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Administrative and Authorities

Administrative and Authorities

The firm provides legal advice in all aspects of public, constitutional and administrative law opposite various state authorities. We file various petitions to the High Court of Justice relating to a wide range of public and administration issues, and represent companies and individuals before the administrative court - filing administrative petitions and appeals, including in respect of tenders, as well as injunctions and declaratory orders.

We provide numerous opinions in the fields of public, constitutional and administrative law in Israel, for organizations and citizens, and also represent clients before government authorities - ministries, institutions, local authorities and governmental companies.

In the field of tender laws we provide comprehensive legal services, including the preparation of proposals and tender documents, preparation of contracts between group shareholders and providing opinions and legal advice in all issues that arise following the tender results.

Banking and defending against the banks

Dr. Shimon Azrad has accrued years of experience in legal counsel, legal representation and litigation management in the fields of banking and capital: accounts inquiries, status of guarantors, debt arrangements with banks and more.

We are very familiar with the systems in the fields of banking and investment, and will derive for you the best, even in situations that seem difficult or unsolvable. We believe in the impossible and in providing especially creative solutions, to your complete satisfaction.

We put at your disposal extensive experience in litigation (appearance before the Court) banking, and our attorneys have gained extensive experience in representing clients - debtors and guarantors - before the banks. We offer ongoing advice, provision of opinions, negotiating with banks, preparation of financing agreements, the issuance of letters of credit and similar letters, agreements regarding guarantees, mortgages and collateral.

We represent many clients - debtors and guarantors - defending themselves in financial summary procedure claims. We represent them on many issues:

· Stay of exit proceedings
· Submission of appeals
· Carrying out judgments in the Execution Office
· Personal property foreclosure
· Mortgage foreclosure
· Payment arrangements with debtors
· Management of bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings against debtors

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