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Criminal Law - White Collar Criminal

פלילימשפט פלילי

Criminal Law - Areas of legal representation for “white collar” offenses. The firm represents suspects and defendants in criminal cases who are normative people – that this is their first entanglement with the law, in "white collar" offenses, such as: income tax offenses, VAT, bribery offenses, fraud and breach of trust and up until various criminal offenses performed by police officers, doctors, businessmen, etc. .

Our goal is to prevent from the client/defendant the unpleasantness involved in appearing in court as a defendant in a criminal proceeding (with all that it entails) and of course to minimize as much as possible the risk of conviction and therefore whenever possible the firm strives to dismiss the charges. The firm deals with representation of suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings, including:

A. Consulting and accompanying in a police investigation

B. Release from arrest, arrest procedures for days and/or until end of trial

C. The right to be represented by an attorney during arrest procedures

D. Representation in hearing procedures – requests to avoid filing criminal charges

E. Dismissing of a criminal charges



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